4 Must-Haves For Pride Events

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LGBTQ Rainbow Pride Flag

Love wins, and it's worth celebrating. Whether you're planning an event for your campus or your community, an LGBTQ pride event is the perfect time for everyone to celebrate--together. From all walks of life, people can show solidarity and a passion for educating others through a pride event. If you want to plan a great gathering for LGBTQ pride, here are some must-have tips for getting started.

Start With An Idea

You might know that you want to host a pride event--but you're not sure what it should look like. Start with your vision. What do you want to accomplish at this event? Do you want to raise awareness? Educate people on a specific issue? Just have fun and celebrate? The kind of event you plan, like a campus activity or community parade, will revolve around your ultimate goal. Some events will be better for education, some will be better for community connections.

Get A Team

You shouldn't try to pull off this event all on your own. A great event takes the insight and skills of several different people. Form a team for your event. Even if you remain the leader, you should delegate as many tasks as possible. Everyone's strengths and skills will develop the event, as smoothly as possible, and everyone's connections can help get the word out.

Market Effectively

In order to host the best possible event, you have to have people show up. Marketing your event and getting the right people interested is an important part of success! If you're on campus, try to get it listed in the school newspaper. Hand out flyers, put up posters, and encourage people to invite friends over Facebook. In short, get the word out!

Have Pocket Merchandise

If your goal is to turn a profit or fundraise, then small novelty items are a necessity at your pride event. These items, for the most part, should be magnets, buttons, or sunglasses--fun, themed purchases that guests can fit in their pockets. Whether your goal is to make money, or just provide gay pride power, a little themed merchandise will help give your event the right atmosphere.

Your pride event is a perfect opportunity to bring the community together. With great speakers, great activities, and great merchandise, your event will both educate and inspire. Pride events can be meaningful experiences for everyone involved. Guests who bought a fridge magnet will remember your event every morning when they go for the milk. Love will keep on inspiring them, even after your event is over.