6 Reasons Boxers Are The Perfect Dogs

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Boxer Dog Breed
Other than the simple fact that boxers happen to be some of the most adorable and impossible to not absolutely fall in love with dogs, there are a number of reasons why boxers are the perfect dogs. Yes, their adorability is just a simple fact that everybody already knows. For those of you who do not really know why they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, we have put together a number of reasons which will tell you why boxers are the perfect dog to have in your life.

1. They Love Their Families

To start off, boxers are fiercely loyal. They really love the families that take them in. Boxers have this innate feeling of protectiveness when it comes to all the members of the family and their display of affection is appropriate to the person that they are interacting with. They are not just great at jumping on to adults and just kissing their faces silly, they are also very gentle when it comes to dealing with kids. They are going to make sure that they are nice and gentle with their display of affection for the younger ones in the family and protect them from any harm that might come their way.

2. They Always Love To Play... Always

One of the best thing about boxers is that there is never a time that you will see them lazing around when you want to play with them. Any kind of playful interaction with the members of the family are always welcome for boxers. If you feel too tired to play yourself, all you have to do is just hide the treats around the house and let your dog try and find them. They sure do take their time having fun with the game and will do anything to make your day a lot more entertaining.

3. Goofy And Lovable

One of the things that make boxers incredibly cheerful and lovable is the fact that they are silly dogs and they embrace it with open paws. These lovely canines love to explore and play games. They also make an absolute fool out of themselves from time to time but only for the sake of providing you entertainment and showering you with their love.

4. All They Want To Do Is Spend Time With You

You know what boxers are champions of? Snuggling. Hands down, boxers are absolutely the best snugglers you will ever come across. They just want to spend as much time with you as possible and they will make sure that you are well aware of that fact. In fact, a lot of boxers really like to be held like a baby – they often forget that even when they grow bigger in size.

5. They Are Patient Dogs

As much as you might find their friendly and loving nature alarming, you will be surprised to know that they are one of the most patient breed of dogs around. For instance, if your child has indeed stolen the precious bone or chew toy that your dog just does not love sharing, you will not have to worry about the dog being aggressive. They will let your child play with their most favorite toy in the world because they have that level of patience and intelligence. They do not mind sharing their things from time to time. Of course, their level of patience also means that they can be quite stubborn sometimes.

6. They Are Quick Learners

Last but not the least, boxers learn really fast. Like you would not believe how intelligent these lovely canines are. You can teach them all sorts of tricks and reward them with treats. Pretty soon you will see them do the tricks by themselves until someone understands that they want that treat as a reward.