Beagle Dogs - A Popular Small Breed Dog Throughout The World

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Beagle Dog Playing

Beagles are a very popular breed of dog throughout the world, including in the United States. They are a small breed of dog, making them ideal for varied living environments. Beagles tend to be just over 1 foot in height, and generally weigh between eighteen and thirty pounds. Beagles are short-haired and have distinctive coloring. They are primarily white on the belly and have darker fur on their backs, usually at least two colors, ranging from a light fawn color to a dark chocolate brown.

Beagle Traits and Qualities

Beagles are a type of hound dog, and therefore are very interested in scents. Beagles are a very playful breed, but will often be distracted from a task when confronted with an interesting scent that requires their studious investigation.

One of the most-loved traits of beagles is their incredible friendliness. Beagles love people and interacting socially. While they will enjoy a snuggle with their human companions, they are most happy when they’re playing and being active. Beagles are high energy dogs and are very smart, so they love to play with their humans and more complicated dog toys. Due to their energy level and deep love of their humans, beagles do not tolerate being left alone as well as some other breeds. If you are considering a beagle, it is important to consider this aspect of their personality and ensure they don’t spend extended periods alone.

Need For Exercise

Beagles need and want a lot of exercise, which can take the form of active play. Due to their hound roots, they tend to have a mind of their own and be quite willful. Some beagle owners find the breed challenging to train for this reason. However, with the right tactics, beagles can be trained effectively. If you are inexperienced with training this type of dog, it may be best to seek professional support. Once you have the right tools, your beagle will be happily trained and well-behaved in no time.

Beagles are a particularly good choice for families, as this breed loves people and has demonstrated an ability to bond with many humans as opposed to just one or two. Because of their playful nature, beagles also often take a shine to children. Beagles love playing and attention and would make a wonderful addition to a family with lots of extra love and time to give.

Follow Your Nose

As was mentioned before, beagles have a very strong nose and can be easily distracted by interesting smells. This breed can inadvertently escape for that very reason in their quest to follow scents. So be sure you have a safely fenced yard for your beagle, and that your beagle is properly leashed when traveling out of the safety of your yard. As a backup measure, it is highly recommended to microchip your beagle, just in case they do lose their way during a scent chase.

Not A Great Guard Dog

While beagles are loving and loyal family members, they do not make great guard dogs. Beagles are extremely friendly, even to strangers, and are much more likely to try and make a new friend than try and warn a stranger away. Beagles make excellent additions to families who are looking for a loving, friendly, energetic companion.