How To Gain Success As An Independent Coffee Shop

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Every coffee shop is unique. That’s why finding the best atmosphere and business model for yours can be tricky--there are plenty of right ways to make it work. For the most part, however, your success as a coffee shop can come down to a few key points. In this article, we share our favorites with you. Each one of these tips will help you grow your coffee shop business so you can continue to do what it is you love most.

Pick a Theme

While you have plenty of options to choose from, you should choose a single theme for your coffeeshop. Are you going to be all about hipsters and fair trade? Will you be sleek and convenient like Starbucks? Will you be family-date friendly, or better for quiet study? Try to find the right vibe for your coffeeshop and stick to it. Customers should know, by your decor and energy, what kind of site you are when they walk in the door.

Put Quality First

Your coffee shop should be reliable, with great service and great tasting beverages. Just one bad quality drink, and you could turn away a customer for good. Consistency comes down to top quality ingredients and well trained baristas, so take time to invest in both. If your customers know that your coffee shop will always provide good drinks, they'll keep coming back for more.

Sell More than Coffee

In order to attract more customers, you should sell more than coffee at your coffee shop. Many people choose to enjoy a bagel, muffin, or cookie with their beverage purchase, so keeping an arrangement of bakery could help boost your sales. Likewise, knickknacks and novelty gifts help lend personality to your shop. People have to wait for their drink to be made--what better time for them to peruse a selection of magnets, funny stickers and other novelty products?

Have a Friendly Staff

A coffee shop isn't fast food. Customers expect your employees to be respectful, and they'll likely be respectful in return. Barista jobs are often prized among young people, so you should be able to find a top quality staff--one that's not just good with coffee, but good with making people smile. Your staff will be a reflection of your atmosphere and energy as a business, so create great working conditions, and watch as those working conditions make a great atmosphere for your customers.

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