How To Plan A Successful Car Show

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 Car Show

It's summer, and that means it's car season time. There are plenty of car collectors and car lovers waiting to admire a line up of vintage cars. You're ready to plan the event that brings them all together. Planning a car show is as complex as planning any other public event, but with these tips, you'll be closer to planning it right.

Select A Date

The date of your car show may seem arbitrary, but the right date is everything. It needs to be far enough in the future that you have time to plan it, and time to get the word out. It also needs to be a good weekend for the people who are coming. If you have a lot of out of town participants,  fourth of July weekend could be great. Or, it could be the worst weekend of the summer. Pick the right date for your event, based on where you're located and who's coming.

Select A Venue

Great success at your car show could come down to location, as well. A good venue is easily accessible, near free parking, and close to a downtown area. You'll have dedicated visitors attending your car show, but you might get spur of the moment visitors as well if you host in a visible area. Talk to local businesses, parks, and other venue locations and choose the right venue for both your budget and your goal.

Set Up Entertainment

While your guests enjoy the beauty of classic cars, you should keep them entertained. A sunny day and vintage cars could be all the enjoyment some of your guests need, but if grandkids are taken along, or if your guests will be at the show for a few hours, you can provide more for them to do. You'll make a better profit if you provide food, and you should sell a variety of novelty merchandise. Your guests will want a souvenir, and they'll be in the mood to shop. Have buttons, magnets, and more as your guests explore the car show.

A car show is a great chance for like minded people to get together and admire cars. It's a great chance for car collectors to show off, and for their families to come along for some fun. A great car show can help bring your community together, and provide fun for everyone who attends. Keep these tips for success in mind as you start to plan your car show.

Become A Vendor

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