Loyal and Loving, Bulldogs Make a Great Family Pet

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Cute Bulldog Sleeping

Distinctive Breed

Bulldogs are a very distinctive medium breed of dog. They are one breed that is not mistakable for any other breed. Bulldogs are very short and low to the ground, usually around one foot in height. But, they are extremely muscular dogs and often weigh between forty and fifty pounds. They also tend to have a wide stature, giving them the signature bulldog stance with their front legs. One of the most defining characteristics of the bulldog is their face. They have very wrinkly faces and droopy mouths. Their facial skin hangs loose and pulls their mouths down into a sort of frown, which is particularly comical on this breed since they are so happy-go-lucky.

Playful, Loving Temperament

Bulldogs were originally used as herding animals, and their instinct to be active and run still lives on. They love to play with their families and generally have a playful temperament. Bulldogs can get along well with other dogs and do well in a dog park situation. While bulldogs love to play, they have a limited stamina for exercise. It’s unlikely this breed will enjoy joining you on a jog, for example. But a game of fetch or short game of chase would be right up their alley.

Due to their unique build, bulldogs are more prone to excessive weight gain than some other breeds. This can be easily combated by monitoring their food intake and ensuring they get some exercise on a regular basis.

Known as excellent, loyal, and loving family dogs, bulldogs are great companions. They are also very good with children of all ages. Bulldogs are very loyal to their families but are also very friendly to strangers as well. They love making friends with people whenever they get the chance. While bulldogs enjoy time playing outdoors, once they are inside, they tend to be less active. If you can tolerate their weight, bulldogs love being lapdogs and otherwise will be happy relaxing in their own comfortable space like a dog bed. Bulldogs are a great breed for apartment dwellers due to their size and love of relaxing indoors.

Because of their build and style of muzzle, bulldogs can struggle with extreme weather. Both very hot or very cold weather can impact their ability to breathe properly. Bulldogs are best suited to more mild climates.

This breed is not widely considered to be highly intelligent, but they can still be trained with a bit of effort. What bulldogs lack in smarts they more than make up for in loyalty and their eagerness to please. When training a bulldog, you can use their desire to please to your benefit. They respond well to praise and positivity.

Low(er) Maintenance

Bulldogs are one of the easiest breeds to groom. With their short-haired coats and easy-going temperament, there is not a lot of extra work to be done in terms of grooming. This breed doesn’t shed much, which is a big benefit for many families. Bulldogs do tend to drool more than other breeds, thanks to their unique muzzles, but that usually is easy to manage once you get used to it.