Pit Bull Dogs - Dangerous Breed or Misunderstanding?

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Pit Bull Dog Mountains Background

Pit Bulls - Misunderstood Breed

Pit bulls are a popular and often misunderstood breed of dog. While pit bulls are considered a unique breed, they originally descended from breeding bulldogs and terriers together. The result is a sturdy, energetic, and attractive breed of dog. Unfortunately, over time, pit bulls have gotten a bad reputation. As you will learn, that reputation is mostly unearned. The cases of aggressive pit bulls are largely due to irresponsible or outright abusive owners, and not the dog breed itself. Properly cared for and trained pit bulls are gentle, smart, and loving family pets.

Characteristics of Pit Bulls

Pit bulls generally have short hair and their coloring can vary greatly. Pit bulls have a square head. They are very agile, strong dogs. Because pit bulls originated from cross-breeding two distinct breeds of dogs, pit bull characteristics can be more difficult to discern than other breeds. They are considered a medium breed of dog.

Pit bulls have been successfully trained and utilized as police dogs. They are smart, easy to train, and their strength and agility make them a great asset. On the other hand, because they are so nimble and strong, they have been one of the primary breeds utilized in illegal dog fighting. This training in violence has become more well-known over the years and has resulted in pit bulls having a bad reputation for violence, as mentioned earlier.

The Truth About Pit Bulls

The truth is that pit bulls are a very loving breed of dog if they aren't trained to fight. Pit bulls love people and are playful and intelligent companions. However, there is evidence to suggest that pit bulls can be more aggressive to other animals than other breeds of dogs. Therefore, pit bulls might make better pets in families where they are one of the only pets. Because they are so intelligent and easy to train, this hurdle can be overcome with time and focused training.

Additionally, pit bulls have been used as search and rescue dogs and seeing-eye dogs. They are eager to please, easy to train, and fun dogs, making them successful in any number of roles. They are usually muscular dogs and excel in athletics. Pit bulls can enjoy a run or a game of catch, and will take any opportunity to showcase their agility.

Pit bulls do have high energy and need plenty of opportunity for exercise. Pit bulls benefit greatly from regular exercise. They thrive in families where there is ample opportunity to play and be active. Pit bulls also respond very well to routine. They love consistency and to know what to expect from their family.

Pit bulls are known to be very loyal and loving to their families and can be a wonderful addition to a family. They also offer myriad other benefits to families as well. Pit bulls have minimal grooming requirements. They love people and can bond with many family members. Pit bulls are widely recognized as an incredibly loyal breed and will be a happy member of your family for years to come. As well, pit bulls are very affectionate dogs and tend to enjoy the company of children. Like other breeds, pit bulls can be protective of their family members but are more likely to "protect" their family from other dogs than other people. Pit bulls generally like all people they meet.