The Importance of Novelty Products in Your Gift Shop

Posted by Crazy Novelty Guy on

Gift Shop Novelty Products

If you own a gift shop, then you know that revenue can be up and down. It's hard to survive as any small business, but doing well as a gift shop can be even harder. You rely on daily traffic to make your sales, so your success depends on what products will catch a customer's eye. If you're not already taking advantage of small novelty products, then you should be. Impulse buys are a great way to increase your sales, so take a look at these novelty product FAQs.

What kinds of novelty products should I buy?

Your gift shop likely has a theme, and your novelty products should match the tone of the rest of your shop. Do you thrive on sassy products, or sweet home decor? Choose novelty products that match the tone of your store. Your novelty products should be inexpensive, small, and easy to purchase on a whim. Good novelty products include patches, buttons, magnets, signs, and stickers.

Where should I place my novelty products?

While you can place novelty products all throughout your store, the best place for them is by the checkout counter. If your gift shop has regular lines of customers waiting to check out, your novelty items could be placed on a table near the middle of the line. If you typically check out only one customer at a time, make sure most of your novelty products are up on the counter near you.

Will novelty products really help increase sales?

Yes! Customers have a habit of making impulse decisions at the register. If you have a funny magnet proudly displayed next to the checkout counter, quite a few customers will scoop it up and add it to their purchase. They have to wait while you complete their order, and their eyes will naturally wander. Inexpensive, quick, and funny purchases do great by the register. People are easily convinced to spend an extra few dollars when something has caught their eye. Plus, whenever they see your magnet on their fridge, they'll remember your store. They might come back because of it!

Every day, you make good decisions that help your business grow. Every decision you make helps determine the future of your gift shop, and you know how important it is to make the right ones. If you're not already relying novelty products, now is the time to start. Start looking for products that match the tone of your store today.