Top 5 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are The Best!

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Pit Bull Dog Breed Picture

Lovable, affectionate, fiercely loyal and protective – these are just some of the words that describe what this wonderful breed of canine is. There are a lot of reasons that you can think of when you really wonder about what it is that makes pit bulls the best breed there is.

Pit bulls have not enjoyed a very good reputation over the past few decades. It is a sad reality which has been there because of a lot of misconstrued opinions and isolated incidents. Despite a lot of effort being done to show the truth about this amazing breed, there is still a lot of opposition about owning this wonderful canine breed.

It is all about the owners and how they treat their dogs. If the owner takes care of the dog and raises it to be lovable, believe us, even the breeds with fierce reputations can be the most loving dogs in the world. This is why we are going to tell you the 5 reasons why pit bulls are the best!

1. They Love You

The first and foremost reason why pit bulls are the best is that they absolutely adore their family. They have an amazing smile which they are very keen to demonstrate to the people that they love. Their goofiness and willingness to show you how much they love you makes for one of the biggest reasons why they are the best.

2. Tiny Dogs

The second reason why pit bulls are one of the best breed of dog has to be the fact that they are so compact. Pit bulls come into the category of medium sized dogs and there are some that are small sized dogs. They are very good to keep indoors in small quarters and they do not need long marathon like walks in order to stay physically fit and happy. They are pretty active and can get enough exercise in smaller areas as well.

3. They Are So Easy To Groom

One of the most wonderful things about pit bulls is the fact that they are a dog breed which has short coats. This means that the usual problem of shedding that many people have with their canine companions is not something that they will face with pit bulls. They are very easy to clean and you do not have to spend a lot of money taking them to the groomers for haircuts every few weeks.

4. They Are Amazing With Kids

Contrary to the image that they have been given over the past few decades, pit bulls are the most amazing breed when it comes to kids. They are very good with all the members of the family and are particularly playful when it comes to the kids. They like nothing better than to shower the kids with all their love. They are also very gentle with the young ones and protect them from any kind of harm that might come their way.

5. Loyal To A Fault

When it comes to pit bulls, there is absolutely no doubt about their loyalty to the family. It is a companion that will love your family to the end of its days and will always have your back through thick and thin. Whether you want to go for an exercise run around the neighborhood or to the lake for an early morning fishing trip – even if you are just lazing around in the lounge in front of the TV, you can rest assured that this patient and lovable dog will give you the company that you need.