What products should you sell at a flea market?

Posted by Crazy Novelty Guy on

Flea Market Sign

A day at the flea market is a great chance to turn a profit. You might go just once, and sell items from your attic. Or, you might make a business of your flea market booth. It's easy to sell enjoyable products to flea market customers, since you'll have heavy traffic going past your booth, and everyone passing has an intention to shop.

The only question that remains is, what kind of products should you sell? To turn the best possible profit, consider selling these items at your booth.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items tend to turn a good profit at a flea market. It's easy to pick up unwanted Christmas or Halloween decorations at a rummage sale for cheap, and you can mark them up for a better profit margin. Ornaments, working lights, antiques, and other seasonal items tend to do well, so stay on the lookout for these.

Quick Purchases

It's easy to make a small, inexpensive purchase. Some flea market attendees may get hung up on the price or bulk of your larger items, but most people will spend a few dollars on something small and enjoyable. Consider placing magnets, bumper stickers, and buttons up at the front for a few dollars each.

Humorous Items

Funny items tend to sell well at a flea market. People are more inclined to buy something quick and easy that makes them laugh, and really--who can put a price tag on a good giggle? As the buyer, funny purchases are easy to gift to friends, coworkers, or keep for yourself, so as the seller, you should always consider having humorous items on hand.

Children's Items

Children's items can get expensive, and babies don't use a crib for more than a few years. Parents often struggle with affording every baby item, toy, or kid's movie, so they're quick to snatch up flea market deals. One or two (or twenty) children's items should sell well at any flea market.

Ultimately, what you sell at your flea market is up to you. If you try to incorporate humor, quick buys, and other eye-catching items, however, you may find you have better luck at the flea market scene.