Why Your Convention is Incomplete Without Merchandise

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Convention Center

If you're planning a convention, you should never say no to merchandise. Whether it's a political convention, a gaming convention, or a non profit convention, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to makes sales and turn extra profit. As you'll see from the following article, merchandise can help you create more revenue, inspire guests, and even have a better turn out next year.

Merchandise Rallies Attendees

Conventions are held for many reasons, but often, it's because the attendees all believe in the same thing. If the convention isn't about a shared interest, then it's typically political: a political party gathering, or a group of people rallying around a specific issue. Merchandise can help bring attendees together and create a feeling of unity. Merchandise is a reminder that everyone at the convention believes in the same things.

Merchandise Helps Cover Costs

Your convention may get by on entry fees. Or, you may be relying on donations to fund your event. Even if you have received funds of some kind, merchandise helps cover the cost of your event. If two hundred people attend and each buy a button for $1.50 profit, you'd make $300. While not every attendee will make a purchase, some will buy more than one item. Attendees are there to take pride in their party, passions, or beliefs, and merchandise sales should run high.

Merchandise Increases Attendance

The great thing about merchandise is: it sticks around. A bumper sticker, button, or magnet aren't a one-day experience. They last for years, and your attendees will probably see their purchase every day. Each time they see their bumper sticker, they'll remember your convention and their enjoyable experience. It's simple, but effective: merchandise helps you stay at the front of their mind. If your send your attendees home with products, they're more likely to return next year.

Planning a convention involves time, effort, and financial investment. This year, add merchandise to your plan. You'll make back some of that financial investment, and you'll plant seeds to encourage growth for next year. Don't skip this valuable step in making your convention a success.