Wholesale Novelty Supply Catalog

Welcome to Crazy Novelty Guy's online catalog.

Crazy Novelty Guy is a manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of a wide variety of novelty products. We carry many novelty items, such as magnets, stickers, signs and more. All of our products are offered at wholesale pricing for retailers and re-sellers.

Our unique products are perfect to resell in a wide variety of venues. Our re-sellers have had great success selling our products at car shows, gun shows, flea markets, political events, pride events, swap meets, street fairs, and motorcycle rallies, just to name a few. Our novelty products also sell very well in brick-and-mortar locations, such as gift shops, novelty shops, adult stores, smoke shops, coffee shops, and more.

Our novelty items offer cheap price points and impulse buys for customers, and nice profit margins for our retailers. 

Browse our full novelty catalog below, or use the category links to shop by a specific type of novelty product.

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