Dog Bone Magnet - German Shepherd

Imagine This Company

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Dog Bone Magnet - I Love My German Shepherd (7" x 2")

Dog bone shaped magnet by Imagine This Company, the original creators and manufacturers of the dog bone shaped car magnet. This proven best selling design sells well in a wide variety of retail locations and online. Sticks to any magnetic metal surface, including cars, trucks, SUVs, refrigerators, lockers, file cabinets, mailboxes, etc. These dog bone shaped magnets are made in the United States using thick magnet stock and quality screen print ink, making them weather-proof and UV resistant.

Item: Dog bone magnet
Size: 7" x 2" dog bone
Materials: 0.030" magnet stock, screen printed with UV resistant inks
Application: Indoor or outdoor use, sticks to any flat metal surface
Product Packaging: Retail ready (hanger card, unique UPC barcode)

About The German Shepherd Dog Breed: German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds around, and the most recognizable. Often excelling in their roles as police dogs, guide dogs, and even family pets. German Shepherds are considered medium- to large-size dogs, depending on their individual size. Most often tan with black saddling, they can also be other colors such as black or gray. They respond very well to proper training and can make wonderful guard dogs for a family as well. They are an active breed and enjoy regular exercise, as well as mental stimulation. German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent and loyal and make excellent lifelong companions.