The Ultimate Guide: Growing Your Smoke Shop Business

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As the owner of a smoke shop, you know this is a good time for business. As vapes rise in popularity, and marijuana becomes legalized in some states, your smoke store can (and should!) experience a boost in business. Just because you're there doesn't mean you'll succeed, however, and taking a tip from the following suggestions can help keep your store running smoothly. You probably know that around half of new business fail within the first five years, and you're determined to not be one of them. For better success as a smoke shop, incorporate some of the following ideas.

Choose An Energy For Your Store

In the past, a smoke shop was kind of a grungy place. Some shady looking character tossed you a pack of cigarettes from behind a counter, you paid, and you went home. Your store, however, should have no trace of a creepy vibe. A modern smoke shop has its own atmosphere, created in part by the colors, the cleanliness, and the overhead music of your shop. Entering a smoke shop should be as unique an experience as stepping into a high-end retail store. Right away, customers should get a sense from your shop--and it should be a positive one.

Keep Your Selection Varied

A varied selection is key when it comes to smoke shop success. Customers will come back if they know you have variety and products they haven't tried. If they want to try chocolate chip cookie e-juice tonight, and they feel like there's a chance you have it, they'll come into your store instead of buying online. Variety will help you draw customers back. Besides staying as varied as possible, remember to keep a good assortment of impulse buys and fun items up by the register. Novelty items add additional revenue streams, and they encourage customers to buy one more thing. You can profit not just from the meat and potatoes of smoke supplies, but from fun novelty products as well.


A good vibe and a good reputation should on your priority list. While variety of selection and an attractive store helps, your vibe is going to come predominantly from your employees. Hire friendly, knowledgeable people who love to chat about vaping supplies. Encourage your employees to share fun facts and move throughout the store. You have a better chance of making sales if your staff is pleasant, cheerful, and up-to-date on the vaping scene.

A smoke shop can be even more than a store. Like a coffee shop, your smoke shop can become a place to gather, chat, and enjoy great products. Find ways to encourage this kind of social atmosphere. Host events and welcome a community of vapers. Once you have the loyalty of regular customers, your store will grow in popularity. Foster a unique vibe, and make your shop welcoming for everyone.