Prank Product Boxes

Prank Product Boxes By Crazy Novelty Guy

Crazy Novelty Guy offers a hilarious collection of fake product boxes for pranks. These boxes are designed to look like totally ridiculous products, but of course they are fake. These boxes can be sent to anyone you want to embarrass! Send them to a friend, family member, or co-worker as a joke, or send them to your ex girlfriend or boyfriend to get your revenge!

These practical joke boxes work best when you send them directly to a person at work, or any other place where a large number of people will see them receiving this embarrassing prank box.

These prank boxes are sent exactly as pictured, with no exterior packaging, for total and complete humiliation and embarrassment.

Best of all, these prank joke boxes are sent 100% anonymously. The recipient will never know who sent it, under any circumstances. Even if they contact us we will not reveal who sent the joke box. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed!

Send a practical joke box today for a great laugh, or to get your revenge!