Crude Products

Crude Novelty Products

Crazy Novelty Guy offers a large selection of "crude" or "adult" novelty products. Many of these products are nasty, raunchy, offensive and down right repulsive. This is why we have these tucked away in this special little corner of our website.

If you are weak willed, easily offended, or otherwise have no sense of humor, this section of our website is not for you. Please turn back now!

However, if you want a good laugh and wish to view some of our best-selling unique novelty stickers, magnets and signs, please continue scrolling.

Obviously these products are not appropriate for every retail location, but in the right retail setting, these are some of our best selling novelty products of all time. People love these unique and hilarious novelty products. These novelty products make great gifts and people will buy these on impulse because these products are unlike any products most people have ever seen before.

Our retailers have had great success with these products at flea markets, swap meets, car shows, smoke shops, vape shops, head shops, tattoo parlors, and adult book stores, just to name a few.

Viewer discretion is advised! Enjoy!!!