Door Knob Hanger, Metal, Do Not Enter, Hard At Work, Blue, 4" x 9"

Crazy Novelty Guy

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Door Tag Hanger - Do Not Enter, Hard At Work, Blue (4" x 9")

Metal door tag hanger from Crazy Novelty Guy! This door tag hanger is great for decoration while also serving a functional purpose. This 4" x 9" aluminum door hanger can be hung from any standard size door knob or door handle. This premium quality door hanger is professionally made in the United States by Crazy Novelty using quality aluminum metal blanks and durable inks for years and years of trouble free use. Single-sided. Indoor or outdoor use.

Item: Door tag hanger
Size: 4" x 9"
Materials: Thick-gauge aluminum blank, dye sublimated printing (not embossed), clear-coat protective finish
Application: Indoor or outdoor use, hangs from any standard door knob or door handle
Door hanger text: Do Not Enter, Hard At Work
Door hanger theme: Work

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